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Daniel and William, who are brothers, have both lived at Lambourne House since 2008 after moving from a residential school in Herefordshire. Since moving in, they have overcome personal challenges, taking huge steps forward in their development, thanks to support from the Lambourne team.

When they first moved into the service, their behaviour could be challenging – they had come from a very structured environment, and were now given more freedom to make decisions for themselves, which took them some time to get used to. They also rejected visits from their own family.

Staff have gone out of their way to ensure Daniel and William settle in well, assisting them daily to enjoy various activities such as swimming, bowling, trampolining and outdoor walks. They also go to see films at the cinema, plays at the theatre, circus performances, go shopping and enjoy pub trips. Both Daniel and William love eating out – this is their favourite social event.

Karen, the service manager said “Both brothers have showed huge progress and success in their learning and development. Due to support from our staff and lots of reassurance, Daniel has now accepted visits from his family, and no longer gets upset, which has also positively impacted on William.

“They now both enjoy regular visits from their Mum, dad, sister, nanny, niece and nephew - which is lovely. Daniel and William are happy to see their family arrive and stay as long as they want - which is a major achievement to them both.”

In addition, Daniel and William have both learnt many social interaction skills, such as going out and feeling more comfortable socially, which was always very difficult for Daniel due to him previously feeling stressed in social situations. Now both brothers go out daily, without any issues at all, and enjoy a busy and meaningful activity programme which has been put in place.

William is very involved in the community, and with staff support has a voluntary job where he cleans out the local football club changing rooms once a week. In return, the football club give him free entry to all games and free refreshments. William is very well known in the community, and is now a popular figure at the football club!

Whereas Daniel would previously get upset when stopping at stop at traffic lights in the car, or there was a lot of traffic on the road, he now accepts the fact the car has to stop, and sits calmly looking out of the window.

He now goes into shops, cafes and cinemas - all of which in the past would have been no go areas due to Daniel’s unpredictable behaviour. He recently went with his keyworker and another member of staff to a big shopping mall in Portsmouth, chose his clothes with staff support, then went out for lunch. Karen says “This was a real achievement for Daniel and one we were all very proud of him for achieving!”

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