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The team at Fleetwood House took the people they support on a fun day trip to explore New Forest and it’s surrounding area.

This included a visit to the National Motor Museum, which featured a range of vintage and modern cars and interesting motor vehicles. Ben, one of the people who lives at Fleetwood House, was particularly excited, as he has a real passion for motor bikes and cars - his dad is a biker.

The Fleetwood House team ensured that the day went smoothly; that all individuals were happy, all their needs were met, and saw exactly what they wanted to see.

The whole day was about exploration and enjoying new experiences. Everyone was delighted and inspired, both by the beauty of New Forest, and also the fascinating display at the National Motor Museum.

Fleetwood House


Specialism: The home supports both men and women with a learning disability, some of whom may have additional conditions, for example, anglemans syndrome, autism, epilepsy,