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Shaun recently moved into our new Blue Cottage supported living service. Shaun’s Mum, Pat was delighted this weekend when he said ‘Dreams do come true mum! I’m at last in the right place. I’ve waited all my life for this.’

Pat was delighted: ‘I’ve never heard him say anything like this before. He’s so happy and sounds very contented. ‘

Shaun previously lived at Regard’s Berkeley House residential service where staff helped him to develop the skills to become more independent.

This is Shaun’s story in his own words:

‘My name is Shaun and I have lived at Berkeley House for a year and a half. I have enjoyed my stay the staff have been amazing and very supportive. If I could choose to go to another home it would be Berkeley House. They have made me feel so welcome and I will miss them so much. Keep up the good work, the memories I have of this home will live on for the rest of my life. I have made so much progress in my time here and I could not have done it without the very inspirational staff of Berkeley house. Thanks to them, I am now moving into a supported living home where I can get independent skills and look forward to a new chapter of my life. Berkeley house lives on for many years to come.

Thanks guys!’

Shaun’s mum, Pat, echoed the remarkable support he received whilst at Berkeley House and thanked the staff for their continued dedication and commitment with Shaun’s development to lead a more independent life. She wrote the following letter to the team at Berkeley House;

‘Well! what can I say? I’ve been spending time looking back this week, over Shaun’s time with you. It’s really hit me this week as I’ve looked back, the progress Shaun has made since he’s been with you. His time at Bournemouth was so terrible for him, and I did wonder if he could ever fully recover from all that happened. But with your help and your trust in him, he’s had the help he’s needed.

I’ve realised that the ‘risks’ you’ve taken with him, that I would never have felt confident to take, have been exactly what he has needed. At times, I’ve been doubtful as to whether or not ‘the risks’ have been the best for Shaun, however, I can see now they have allowed him to find himself, what he’s capable of, and not capable of. You’ve made opportunities for him to mature and have trust in himself.

He’s at last realised that he does have learning difficulties/special needs and that’s okay and it’s okay too, to need special support. It is a profound realisation for Shaun.

He’s never forgotten (and nor have I), the first time we met you both in Bournemouth and you said to him during that afternoon ‘we will never give up on you Shaun’ and you haven’t! It was an overwhelming thing for him to hear and you couldn’t have known how very important that was to him. He quoted you for weeks/months after, when he was feeling unsettled or he’d done something that he wasn’t happy with himself about, however ‘they’ll never give up on me’.

You’ve also been very patient with me when I’ve had my doubts about some of what’s happening with Shaun. I’ve grown to really appreciate working with you. I think it’s all about trust, and it’s taken me a while to get there, but sincere love and thanks for all your support.

I look forward to the next chapter Shaun is about to embark on and already see there’s a team of committed people who will care for him, as he continues into Blue Cottage with Amanda and the team.’

Berkeley House is a stunning property located within the rural Kent countryside.

Blue Cottage, our new supported living service, is situated on the outskirts of Sittingbourne, Kent. It is a large detached house that has 6 full en-suite bedrooms.

If you would like to find out more about either Blue Cottage or Berkeley House please call our referrals hotline on 0800 840 0313.

Berkeley House


Specialism: Learning Disabilities.Vacancies: There is one vacancy available.Type of Service: The long-standing staff team at Berkeley House are highly skilled in supporting service

Blue Cottage


The service is able to support individuals from the age of 17 as part of a transitional model of support we promote at Regard. In each