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Jon, from our Cecil Court service has been getting his hands by helping with a garden makeover.

This weekend, Jon took five hours out of his day to volunteer to help to tidy the garden of one of his neighbours. Jon used the hedge cutters to reshape and tidy up an overgrown and tired-looking garden. He demonstrated great skills in risk assessing to keep himself and everyone else around him safe.

The pathway was so blocked with twigs and branches that you could barely enter through the gate. With encouragement from his Support Worker, Tom, Jon worked hard to get the front garden back to a comfortable place to relax for the family.

Rainbow Wells who leads the team said “The Cecil Court team are so proud of Jon for his kindness and generosity with helping within his local community.”

Reflecting on his handiwork, Jon said “I am so pleased I could help.”

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Our Cecil Court supported living service provides opportunities for individuals with learning disabilities and mental health conditions to be tenants and live in their own