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This month, staff and the people we support from our Garthowen service in Ceredigion visited Bristol Zoo.

Sara Ratcliffe, Support Worker said “this was the first whole house group outing and it was a massive success.”

Everyone had to get up very early on the day but they were more than happy to do so. The weather was glorious which put everyone in a great mood to start off with.

The Garthowen group enjoyed a lovely stroll around the zoo. Bev and Sarah, who are supported by the service, enjoyed talking everyone in the group through what each of the animals were.

Amyleigh, Service Manager said “The seals were the favourite animal amongst the people we support.”

Lunch was a delicious picnic and everyone also enjoyed an ice-cream.

Sara said “Without the fantastic team work of all of the staff involved and the time and effort everyone put in, it wouldn’t have been possible. I think it’s safe to say the next group outing will be very soon.”

Amyleigh added “I would like to applaud the staff for arranging this trip and making it possible. The team discussed ideas for group activities that everyone would enjoy and be able to access. Bristol Zoo was chosen and staff worked hard in planning the day.”

Based on the reaction from everyone following on from the trip Amyleigh can tell this was a huge hit with everyone at Garthowen.

Sarah said “It was brilliant, my favourite part was when I went in the tunnel under water and saw all the fish.”

Staff who went on the trip were also very impressed with how everyone from the service supported and looked after one another and were particularly impressed by their knowledge of all of the animals.



Specialism: Garthowen is a registered residential home for adults with Learning Disabilities, Dementia and/or Physical Disabilities which can be complex. The service can manage