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This year, Hillingdon House have started to grow their own vegetables.

The residential service has a very large garden, and in their development plans for the home, the team decided that they wanted to utilise this space.

Service Manager, Josie Baines and the team decided to economise by growing their own vegetables this summer. This conveniently tied in perfectly with the new healthy eating plan the people living at the service were embarking on.

Over the past three months, the service have grown potatoes, spring onions, beetroot courgettes, lettuce, green beans and tomatoes. Josie said “It is rewarding for the people we support to go and pick their own products as and when they are needed, this even includes our own herbs to dress the food up, i.e. parsley, chives, coriander, rosemary and mint.”

Josie said “It has been a lot of hard work watering everything due to the hot weather, but the team have supported everyone to get involved and we are all happy with what we have produced.”

The people who live at Hillingdon House have lost weight steadily over the three months and so they are very pleased with themselves!

One of the people that we support gets so excited about this that she phones her brother about the monthly weigh in to update him on her progress.