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During the past six months Mary has been on a mission to become more fit and active, and to lead a healthy lifestyle. The Eastbourne Road team who support Mary, have helped by taking her out to activities, positively encouraging her, and making the process fun and enjoyable.

Mary’s regime began with her completing some gentle exercises, which she then built up every week. With support from her key worker Jo, Mary then got her trike back into good working condition and began riding it daily to the shop, and on a Sunday, all the way to church.

Mary’s mother says: “Mary’s Dad and I are so proud of our daughter for achieving her healthy lifestyle goals. Her heart-healthy food choices and her commitment to regular exercise have helped her to lose weight, which means that she not only looks fabulous but feels fantastic too!

“A big thank you to the wonderful service providers at 111 Eastbourne Road for all their support - especially the ones who get ducked by Mary in the pool and who have to run behind her when she rides her trike!”

Mary’s key worker Jo has moved on, but this hasn’t stopped Mary from progressing with her goals. With the support and positive feedback from her team, Mary recently started drama and yoga courses with Mencap, and enjoys weekly bowling and swimming sessions. Mary’s new key worker Petra, says “I’m so proud of Mary and all her hard work to achieve her goals - well done Mary!”

Mary has not only become more physically active in her life, but with some help, she has changed some of her eating habits and now enjoys snacking on fruit and healthy alternatives!

Thanks to her hard work and support from the Eastbourne road team, Mary hopes to continue her weight loss into 2018. With the help of Petra and team member Tina, Mary is now attending dance classes and aims to go swimming twice a week.
“We’d like to congratulate Mary and say ‘well done’! Keep up the hard work!” - from all of us at Eastbourne Road.

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Specialism: Eastbourne Road is a residential home supporting young adults with learning disabilities who may also have associated complex behavioural needs, epilepsy and or autism..