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Beverley recently took a vacation to a special needs camp in Abadaron, in Wales.

Beverley, who lives at our Great Western Street service in Manchester had not been on a trip for a while, so was excited about having a change of scenery. John, his Key Worker, thought it would be a good idea to motivate him to get out into the community and to have a chance to have some fun.

The trip lasted from 1st to 8th of July and by the end of it, Beverley did not want to go home, as he enjoyed the days out and the friendly people so much.

Beverley also met up with some familiar faces, some friends from another Regard service - Thames House.

Beverley enjoyed getting involved with a whole range of different activities, including bowling and beach trips, topped off with an ice-cream of course!

This little vacation has been a turning point for Beverley, and John said “I will be looking to support Beverly to access his local community it seems he really needed that, and he enjoyed himself so much.”

Following his return home from his trip, Beverley celebrated his 80th Birthday at Great Western Street. John arranged a big party for him, as can be seen in the photographs.

He had some visitors from church come to visit, the staff prepared snacks and Beverly received a Hi Fi unit to listen to music.

John said “It was a fantastic day for Bev!”

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