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Homeleigh, our residential care service in Manchester, took part in Regard’s company-wide ‘Big Picnic Fortnight’ event to help raise money and awareness for our voted charity of the year YoungMinds.

YoungMinds is a charity committed to improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young adults. All year long we will be running a number of fundraising events across the organisation to help raise funds for the vital work they do. Last year over £7,000 was raised this way and donated to the charity MIND.

On the day of the event staff supported all the people living at the service and got them involved by getting the home ready for the big day. They put up decorations, helped to prepare the food and organised the music before friends and family arrived.

Everyone had an enjoyable day dancing to the disco music, enjoying a feast of picnic food and they even hired a giant bouncy castle which helped burn off the calories after.

Alongside all the fun they were having they managed to raise an impressive £344 on the day by selling raffle tickets, football cards, cakes, burgers and hot dogs.

Lillian Kidd, the Service Manager, said: ‘The day was a lot of fun. Much to the amusement of everyone, our new Domiciliary Care, Louise Kemp, was bound to a chair by staff, until, locality manager, Simon Buxton, agreed to pay the ransom fee of £20 to have her released. I also put myself up for the ice bucket challenge which raised a further £153.’

Following on from the success of this event everyone at Homeleigh is now looking forward to the next party.

Similar events across many of Regard’s services have already raised over £3000 this summer.



Homeleigh is a substantial Victorian property providing registered residential care.Specialism: Enduring Mental Health, Learning Disabilities and/or Autism.Details of Vacancies: Five individual rooms