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With the sun shining, the team at Wren Park decided that an impromptu party would be fun for everyone.

Staff discussed ideas with the individuals they support at Wren Park and decided upon tasty food and a water fight! Everyone helped with the cooking and moving furniture. The most important task was to fill up the water balloons.

Karen, Senior at Wren Park said, “The intention of was to have some fun and of course get the staff wet! Everyone decided that they would be delighted if Scott (the team leader) and I got drenched, so they threw water balloons at us and at one point I ended up with a bucket of cold water over me, I was very wet but defiantly having lots of fun with them all and lots of laughter. We also had the footballs and goal posts out and a Frisbee, the food went down well and everyone ate lots of healthy and filling food.

Everyone agreed that the party was a success and when the weather is warm again we will be planning another one - hopefully if the weather is nice during bank holiday weekend at the end of May.”

Acquired Brain Injury Service - Wren Park


Specialism: Adults with a traumatic or non-traumatic ABI and varying degrees of cognitive, physical, behavioural and emotional difficulties.Details of Vacancy: Ground floor en-suite room