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Darrole has recently made the move to a step-up service in order to gain more independence.

Darrole, who lived at our Arden House supported living service in Brighton, was offered to view a potential placement she could move into back in January. Her initial response was “It’s amazing, I can start to get more independent”.

Chris and the team at Arden House helped Darrole to begin the process. She went through the assessment, but it was clear that there would be some hurdles to overcome as her finances didn’t quite align with the criteria.

The team started to work with Brighton and Hove Council to have a reassessment. In the process, Brighton and Hove agreed that Darrole may require some support. The Arden team then arranged with Brighton and Hove that an independent financial service ‘Money Advise Plus’ would be allocated to help her to manage paying for her care and household bills.

After a few months of assessments and agreements, Chris and the team managed to put this into action and succeeded in making sure that Darrole started a savings fund with them so she could have some money for any bigger items she may require in the future.

Darrole now has the right support around her to ensure that she is financially stable and can start to move forward.

Darrole moved into her new home on this month, she said “I am so happy! Thank you for all your help”.

Service Manager, Chris said “Watching her move in, and seeing her so happy was heart-warming and we are glad that Darrole can start to progress with her independence and hopefully gain total independence in her new service.”

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Specialism: Learning disabilities, autism and complex needs ready to take the next steps towards independent living. Ideal for individuals in transition from residential college, care