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Ivers House, our residential service in Marnhull have been running yoga classes twice a month for the people they support.

Yoga has some great benefits such as relaxation, breathing, co-ordination, balance and core stability.

These benefits have helped everyone who takes part and everyone is seeing health benefits and their strength developing because of the yoga.

Ivers House have been running this yoga class for two years now, starting as beginners and working their way up to intermediate level.

The yoga instructor has been inspired by working with the people we support and will be starting additional classes teaching people with learning disabilities elsewhere in the local community.

The class itself is award winning and everyone who takes part thoroughly enjoys the sessions.

Yoga is very good at helping everyone to relax and keep fit but can also be lots of fun.

Tutor Anne said: “As you can see in the photographs the people we support have been fully immersing themselves into the classes and are all enjoying the sessions, we all hope this continues and more people get involved in this.”

The staff at Ivers House organised the Yoga classes to help everyone relax, and to try something new and as part of a wider activity list.

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Specialism: Learning Disability with a specialist understanding around autism. Staff use PECS and Somerset’s Total Communication System.Details of Vacancy: Ground floor bedroom in