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James often dreamt of going out for tea and cake at one of his local coffee shops in Fernlea, to enjoy his favourite Bara Brith and Fruit cake. However due to limited mobility, he wasn’t able to get out as much as he wanted to.

Since the arrival of his new motobility car, James is now able to travel a lot further than just his local cafes, and is in fact covering a much further distance exploring Shropshire, in search of the perfect fruit cake.

James had been asking for a motability car for a while and said “ I would like a new little car, a red one, so I can go to Llandudno with staff! “

Following James’ request, his support worker Jake Allen, arranged a meeting with James’ father and keyworker, to see if a new car could be arranged. Jake held a ‘Best interest meeting’ which involved analysing whether purchasing a car for James would be in his best interest – and the decision was positive.

The Regard Benefits Team were also instrumental in providing advice and support during the process of planning and organising the Motability car.

Jake said: “James has been really eager to get out into the wider community - and having the car is something that has excited James, and given him a sense of adventure. James has often spoken to staff about taking trips out to the beach and local market towns. This car has given him access to so many new areas of Shropshire and further field - building a stronger family bond with his father.”

Staff at Barra have also supported James to do what he enjoys by offering him a range of activities to get involved in, empowering him to make his own choices, and focusing on what is important to him. Staff have encouraged James to try new things such as visiting local cafes, market towns, supermarkets, garden centres and exploring exciting new places.



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