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Jamie has always been passionate about helping people, and during his time at Arden house the team have supported him to be involved in keeping the service safe. Jamie is a real enthusiast about emergency procedures and services, and the staff team have helped to hone his skills in this area by appointing him as the Health and Safety Champion at Arden.

Alongside staff, Jamie often completes the health and safety checks at Arden. As a first aider, Jamie can assess the situation, protect himself and members of the public from danger, prevent infections, comfort and reassure others when needed, give casualty first aid, and stay calm when a first aid situation becomes a major incident.

Jamie has demonstrated and shared some of his training with staff and the people who live at Arden house, and continues to help keep them all updated on new procedures to stay safe.

Jamie says “This has made me feel more accomplished in life, and working as a team with the British Red Cross has been helpful to learn more about what I’m interested in.“

Recently, Jamie was travelling on a local bus and witnessed a seizure from a member of the public. He immediately leapt into action, supported the lady, and contacted the emergency services. The lady was very thankful for his support!

Jamie’s confidence has grown significantly thanks to the support from his team and family. As well as the British Red Cross, Jamie has also worked for other organisations including St John’s ambulance service, volunteering with them and being supported by their ambulance crews.

Jamie is currently looking to find other employment in this area, and would eventually like to move into independent living with his girlfriend.

An Event First Aider said “Jamie has done amazing working alongside the British Red Cross and I’ve seen his confidence grow because of this. Jamie’s passion has always been to help other people and I feel that he’s made a great step towards achieving that goal. I hope he keeps on moving on to better things, as he would eventually like to live in his own place.”

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Specialism: Learning disabilities, autism and complex needs ready to take the next steps towards independent living. Ideal for individuals in transition from residential college, care