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Jay has been living at Wren Park supported living service for three years, and is so delighted at his progress, that he wanted to share his journey of challenges, successes and achievements.

Jay says: “When I first came to Wren Park I was rebellious and fought the system - I felt I knew best. In the first year staff supported me to get into a routine, and by speaking to me they opened my eyes to how I was presenting myself. They helped me work through things to try and achieve a positive outcome. I was supported to think positively about myself. No matter how difficult things may have been, staff always supported me.”

Jay goes on to describe his second year at Wren Park: “With the support from staff, I was able to go on my first independent holiday abroad, with another tenant. I chose the location, booked the holiday and budgeted for the it with staff help. A support worker came with me, and I chose who the support worker should be. The holiday was brilliant!”

“Neuropsychology taught me how to handle some tricky relationships in a positive manner for the best outcome - and this really helped me. I also started a 2-year carpentry course.”

As Jay enters his third year at Wren Park, he says “Staff continue to support me to achieve my goals, and help me lead as much as an independent life as possible.

“I have just completed my 2-year carpentry course (level 1+2), Maths and English, and I have passed them all. This has given me the confidence to apply for jobs, with staff support, and I have been using the internet to apply for an apprenticeship. The neuro team helped me put together a CV, and I have just been offered an interview as a trainee chef.”

“My general confidence has increased and I regularly play my guitar at events held at Wren Park.

“I also now support the neuro team in group exercise classes. We have modified the classes so all tenants, no matter what their disability is, can join in the classes. Staff also join in, and it’s a fun activity. We are also looking at buying equipment that could make the classes better than they already are. “

Jay concluded “One of the best things now happening, is that I’m ready to move to the part of the house for those who have progressed to the next step towards living out in the community. I have regular, unsupervised contact with my children at Wren Park, and life is good.”

Acquired Brain Injury Service - Wren Park


Specialism: Adults with a traumatic or non-traumatic ABI and varying degrees of cognitive, physical, behavioural and emotional difficulties.Details of Vacancy: Ground floor en-suite room