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Kenny has been volunteering at Wrexham hospital every Tuesday and Friday for almost three years. His tasks include tidying the hospital bookshop, delivering in-house magazines to various locations around the hospital, and he helps to maintain the gardens.

His senior support worker said: “Since moving to Thames House, Kenny’s behaviour has positively improved thanks to our staff’s consistent, caring approach - and so his one-to-one hours have been cut down. He is very sociable with everyone, and very helpful around the house.

She continued: “The complex behaviour he used to display has significantly decreased, as a result of being well managed by staff. A behavioural support plan was implemented that offered strategies to support Kenny with his behaviours, and now he no longer displays the previous challenges from before. He gets rewarded at the end of the week with gold star stickers which he loves, and I believe the volunteering he does contributes greatly to his sense of happiness and wellbeing.”

‘‘Kenny really enjoys watering the flowers and tidying up the garden at Wrexham park Hospital, as well as tidying up the books at the hospital bookshop, and distributing its magazine. This motivates Kenny, as they’re great activities which keep him active and busy.”

Kenny also volunteers at the hospital’s charity shop tidying up clothes, and volunteers at the bar in the social club, for people with social needs.

Over the years, Kenny has made friends among the NHS staff at Wrexham hospital. He said “I always look forward to meeting the friends I’ve made at the hospital!” His senior support worker added “After volunteering, Kenny enjoys having a coffee at the hospital cafe with his fellow volunteers.”

The hospital has been put forward for a Queen’s Voluntary Service Award, which Kenny is closely involved in. “He is so proud of being a part of this special award” said his senior support worker.

Kenny also volunteers at Mansfield Farm in Iver, growing vegetables and maintaining the vegetable plots on a weekly basis.

Kenny particularly enjoys harvesting fruit and vegetables after having planted them, and caring for them. His favourite vegetables that he enjoys growing are brussel sprouts.

Kenny also enjoys selling various items at a local car boot sale, including colourful pompoms - which he makes himself.

His senior support worker concluded: “Kenny is very successful and dedicated to all his voluntary activities. He is very hardworking, and always makes sure he achieves his set goals. Kenny’s social life has also developed as he has made new friends amongst the NHS staff and other volunteers. He has a great sense of humour and likes making jokes!“

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