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Cloverdale House has set up a meeting group attended by people from around the services in their locality.

The group has started to meet every eight weeks, to discuss the ways in which they want to be supported and to have their say.

Trevor Wilcox, the Service Manager, gave support to Sophie from Cloverdale as she wanted to take part in the meeting.

When the meeting started, it was noted that nobody from Maldon House was in attendance. Sophie sat at the front of the room, facing all the people in the meeting, when the door opened and Alistair from Maldon House walked in. Sophie immediately started blushing. Alistair sat on the chair near Sophie, their eyes met and they started talking to each other.

After the meeting, both went back to their homes and Alistair spoke to the staff at Maldon House regarding Sophie. At Sophie and Alistair’s request, their managers made arrangements for them to meet up.

Since then, they have been seeing each other every week - going for walks along the sea front, going to the cinema, bowling, and calling each other throughout the week asking what they have been doing. Alistair has brought Sophie flowers and chocolates, Sophie has met Alistair’s mother, and also given Alistair a comic on super heroes which he loves.

Both Alistair and Sophie are now making regular arrangements to phone or see each other weekly, taking in turns to meet in either Seaford or Brighton.

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