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When we recently received a phone call from Anita Hansen at Dorset Community Action wanting to commission a piece of work, I was intrigued. Having visited Town Farm Workshop before and seen the amazing and diverse work produced here, she had thought of us when she needed a prize to be made for the ‘Best Village in Dorset’ competition.

She wanted the prize to be made locally and by people who had strong links to their community. The only stipulations were that she wanted it to be a woven picture with lots of colour!

With only two weeks to produce this commission, there wasn’t time to think about starting a new project. Looking through the pile of fabrics on my desk of recently finished work, I came across a piece made by Melanie. Mel has been coming to TFW to weave for several years and is an experienced weaver. By cutting up pieces of Mel’s work and stitching it back together, I was able to create 3 individual framed pictures, giving Anita a choice for a suitable prize.

When Anita came to pick up the finished picture she was thrilled. We hope that whoever wins the ‘Best Village in Dorset’ this year enjoys their prize as much as we did making it!

Sally Shepard

Weave Tutor at TFW

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