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Roll back the carpets, it’s Michael’s birthday! Michael has requested that he would love his photos to be published, so everyone knows how well he is doing.

Michael has lived at Reed House for just over a year and has showed great progress since arriving. Before coming to Regard, he found it difficult to engage with support staff, and had lost his previous home due to complex behaviours.

Karen Solt, Service Manager said, “When Michael first moved in, we were told it would be difficult for him to engage, and that historically he had demonstrated a number of complex behaviours. However, since being at Reed House, Michael has enjoyed a holiday to Butlins which he loved - and can’t wait to go again! He has participated well in health appointments - he is even going to the dentist next week. Michael has also been asked to present his ‘journey’ at a Plymouth PBS Network event, and is really excited about doing this. The biggest positive change for Michael is that he is now building friendships, and enjoying spending time with people.”

Since being at Reed he enjoys spending time with his support worker, and keeps busy by doing lots of fun activities – including celebrating his birthday in style!

“Michael’s favourite thing to do is going to the disco twice a week, where he loves dancing. He also enjoys going out to eat, cooking, shopping for new clothes and meeting up with friends.”

Staff have specifically adjusted Michaels support hours for his maximum benefit, changing them to evenings rather than daytime, in order to reduce his anxieties during the evening. This has helped calm him, and means he is able to go and enjoy the disco.

Karen added, “Michael has received a lot of positive reinforcement about his personal appearance, and now feels proud that he looks nice when he goes out.”

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Specialism: Reed House is specifically dedicated to providing support to males who are highly vulnerable, have a learning disability and may also have mental health