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Michael Hurst who lives at The Grove, our residential service in Sutton, is so proud of his recent developments that he and his key manager Francis wanted to share his story.

Michael was somebody who would never want to associate with flatmates outside the community, but this is now a thing of the past. He can now proudly go out with his flatmates for meals and drives and even for his family house visits. Most importantly, he has been on holiday twice to Bognor Regis and Centre Park’s. Until now Michael has always cancelled his trips last minute and lost out on his booking fees. He has now realised that he was excluding himself and was missing out on a lot of things.

This all started with Michael working very closely with his keyworker Francis, who gained his trust and also came up with an individualised activity planner which he personally contributed towards. The whole team and service manager Katarzyna follow his activity planner and Michael really appreciates this.

Previously, Michael never wanted to go out into the community for leisure activities and health care appointments due to his fear of the unknown. This meant that he was relying on home visits by health care professionals; this was until Francis sat down with him and explained all of the opportunities he was missing out on. Michael had a history of not attending his medical appointments including hospital check-ups, trips to the dentist and to the opticians.

The new plan with Francis started with going out for short drives in the car, Michael was then introduced to the idea of using taxis to go out and about for trips, such as out for meals and to do his own shopping at Tesco. Gradually, Michael became accustom to going out more often and he then gained more confidence and felt more secure. He is now going out for all his medical appointments but for now Francis is still supporting him.

Recently, Michael has been to his GP for his annual health check, dental checks and also for an X-ray at the hospital.

Michael’s good message to everyone else is: “to work positively towards agreed personal goals, one after the other and review what has gone well and what needs to be improved and then move on to the next item. The road might be bumpy but the results are amazing. It has happened to me and you can make it happen as well.” Francis added to this saying: “Always Remain Positive and Be Patient to be a champion of your own success.”

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The Grove supports adults with learning disabilities and individual complex needs.Details of vacancy: There is currently a vacancy for a large ground floor room.