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The people who live at Coneyhurst Lodge recently attended a summer festival and concert, arranged for people with disabilities.

Neil, James, Andrew, Nick and Ben chose to go to the first day of the festival, and were supported throughout the day by the Coneyhurst team. When they arrived, they met up with and chatted to Coneyhurst’s newest members, who had recently moved in.

This was the first concert they had ever attended - everyone loved the music, atmosphere, exploring the area, and especially the ice cream van! The people we support were able to wander about independently and meet new people, with the staff keeping a watchful eye from a distance.

Elvira, manager of Coneyhurst, and team member Dan, attended on their day off to ensure that the people we support had a great time, and that there were enough staff to support them safely.

Neil, who loves music, had an amazing time going up to the front of the stage and dancing with the others - he had a big smile on his face every time the music played.

Andrew really enjoyed being in the sun and hanging out with the guys; having a drink with them late in the afternoon when it was hot.

James and Ben spent some time with the animals and reptiles in the reptile area.

Elvira, said: “What they all enjoyed the most, was a sense of freedom. They had made the decision to go and be a part of something, where everyone was friendly. People we had not met before were coming over and saying ‘hello’ and paying Neil compliments on his dancing. One of the festival organisers commented that ‘seeing him so happy is why we put this on!”

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Specialism: Adults with complex health needs including epilepsy, physical mobility needs & other associated complexities.Details of Vacancies: One wheelchair accessible first-floor room with an