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The parents of Edward, who lives at our Fleetwood House residential service in Littlehampton, were so delighted that staff had helped him improve his sleeping habits that they posted it on Facebook. Edward is a young man who has learning disabilities, Epilepsy, and Angelman syndrome (a disorder which can affect a person’s developmental delay, lack of speech, seizures and walking/balance), he has been struggling to settle in and has been sleeping on the sofa in the lounge.

Staff have been working with Edward to encourage him to sleep in his own bedroom. Michal, who manages the service, said: ‘About two weeks ago staff supported Edward to his bedroom and made him feel relaxed by putting on therapeutic music and stayed by his side for a while till he felt comfortable enough for them to leave.

‘Since then Edward is managing to have a full night’s sleep in his own bedroom. He is no longer sleeping on the sofa, which is a massive success for him, the team, and his parents.’

Edwards’s parents, Barry and Helen, were impressed with the support, patience, and care the team at Fleetwood House have given their son and were proud to see his progression in the last few months. They were so pleased that they wanted to thank Michal and share the following;

‘You know how pleased we are with Edward’s progress and his big step of sleeping in his room at last. I put a post on Facebook about it [and wanted to share it with you]:

‘An ordinary bed you might think! But no it is a very special bed. It belongs to our son Edward. He has decided after months of sleeping on the sofa in the lounge of his home to actually sleep in his bed. We are all over the moon and so excited that he finally feels safe and secure enough to sleep in his room. Wonderful and well done Edward you did it.’

Thanks again Michal and your staff for making this possible. Well done to all concerned we appreciate it very much.’

Michal said: ‘The team is now working with Edward to ensure he has an active day and exploring new activities he will enjoy doing. We, as a team, can see progress - when he moved he was very unsettled and challenging - now he is relaxed, settled, and enjoying days out, going swimming, for meals and walks and to church. We look forward to continue to support Edward and see him progress even further.’

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Specialism: The home supports both men and women with a learning disability, some of whom may have additional conditions, for example, anglemans syndrome, autism, epilepsy,