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Northfields House, our residential care service in Ringwood, has recently created a sensory room within their service for the people that they support.

After some tough times in the service, support worker Chris Gilbey thought up the idea to create a sensory room. After running the idea past Service Manager Karen, he was given permission to go ahead with his creation.

Chris dreamt up a seasonal garden themed sensory room that could also double up as a Christmas room when the time comes. Chris said: “I found my inspiration from the beautiful countryside where our home is and thought it would be wonderful to have an indoor garden within the home. I came up with the idea of laying fake grass down instead of carpet and have put a full-size garden bench, a 5ft tall LED willow tree and a number of other multi coloured LED plants dotted around the room. I hand-painted flowers and plants on the walls and painted a blue sky complete with clouds, flying birds and an LED star on one of the walls. The whole experience is finished off with having nature sounds (birds chirping and running water) in the background. It is a work in progress as there are still flowers to be added both hand-painted and silk ones dotted around the room plus also a wooden garden table and chairs.”

The people supported at Northfields House have all been getting involved, dipping their hands into emulsion paint and leaving their hand prints on the walls with their names and some of them have helped to paint some of the flowers on the walls.

The room has been a huge hit with the people who are supported by Chris and the team. Chris said: “It was my pleasure and it was something that I wanted to do for the guys that I support because I am passionate about making a positive difference in each of their lives and wanted them to have somewhere that they are each able to sit within and either have some timeout or simply just to relax for the evening.”

The most noticeable impact this room has had, is on one particular lady who usually spends a lot of time in her bedroom. Since the room has been available to use she has made her way into the room of her own accord and sat down and enjoyed spending time in this unique space which has been wonderful to see.

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Specialism: Adults with a learning disability. At Northfields we work with people who have complex needs and a high level of vulnerability including people who