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It has now been one year since The Regard Group acquired Adelphi Care Services in Shrewsbury.

Kim Walshaw, Locality Manager, who joined Regard as part of this acquisition described the year as “an interesting rollercoaster of a journey”. There have been many changes for the Shrewsbury services throughout this time.

Kim said “Through all these changes and adjustments, we have all worked tirelessly to ensure that everything stays the same for the people we support and that they each continue to be the person at the centre of their care and support needs. I’m really proud of my team for this. The Regard Group have invested heavily in our environments and I know that has not only improved the homes of the people we support, but has helped staff, families and professionals to understand how Regard values the people we support.”

Kris Evans, Regional Coordinator for Wales and West said “I can’t believe it has been a year already, we’ve all made some great friends in our Shrewsbury locality, and I’m glad the transition was so smooth.”

The Shrewsbury locality has also introduced the Makaton choir to Regard, and this is something we are extremely proud to have within the company.

Jake Allen, who has recently become manager of Wem Services, said “At the start of the journey it was an extremely anxious time for some of the staff teams involved: in some cases losing colleagues and friends but also building new working relationships. It has been an exciting adventure for everyone, gving us opportunities to grow and develop. I’m looking forward to the future but at the same time feeling grateful for the past.”

Kay Beacham, Regional Director said “Since joining Regard the team have impressed us all with their drive and passion for providing quality services to the people we support. The year has been a huge learning curve for us all, although rewarding in so many ways - Thanks to Kim and the great Shrewsbury team.”

Kim added “It has been a great learning experience for all of us but I can honestly say from the feedback I have received we are happy to be part of The Regard Group and The Wales and West Region and look forward to the future together.”

19a and 19b Longden Road


*Photographs included are of another similiar Regard service.Specialism: Supported living service for people with learning disabilities with a focus on developing further independent skills.

34 Longden Road


Specialism: Supported living service for people with learning disabilities with a focus on developing further independent skills.Details of Vacancies: There is currently one vacancy

Barra House


Specialism: Barra House is an Autism Specific Service.Details of Vacancies: There is one vacancy available.Type of service: ResidentialAge range: 18+Current profile of

Merrington Grange


Specialism: Merrington Grange is a residential home supporting young adults with learning disabilities who may also have associated complex behavioural needs, epilepsy and or autism.

Highbury House


Specialism: Asperger Syndrome; Autism/ASD; challenging behaviour; epilepsy and communication needs.Details of Vacancies: There is one space available.Type of service: ResidentialAge range: 18+



Specialism: Adults with learning disabilities and Autism. We can also support adults with some mobility and emotional needs. .Details of Vacancies: There are currently no