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We recently wrote about our Drake House service in Plymouth, where the first ladies to move into the new service had been heavily involved in the process and designing of their new home.

Joanne and Susan have now been living at Drake House for five months and love their new surroundings. Since then, two more people have moved in which makes a full house.

Everyone is getting on together very well.

The ladies have been enjoying going on short walks away from the city centre and down to the barbican to enjoy an ice-cream during the lovely sunny weather this summer.

The next step is to have their back garden wall painted by the people who live at neighbouring Regard service Douglas House. The ladies will also be getting new garden furniture and they already have many plans for their garden.

Everyone has been very impressed with the opening of this new service, and they are thrilled that everyone who has moved in is happy and getting along well as a communal group.

Joanne, who lives at Drake House said “I like my new house better” she joked “all we need now is a swimming pool!”

Kelly, who leads the team at Drake House said, “All of the work with the transition to the new service has been worth it, to see the ladies happy in their new house. As well as seeing their family members happy with the move too. It has been an amazing experience and I have enjoyed almost every second of it. The new house has a lovely feel to it when you walk into it.”

Drake House


Specialism: Learning Disabilities, Mental Health issues and other concurrent complex needs. Individuals with Asperger’s and/or other Autistic spectrum conditions and Individuals with ADD

Govis House


Specialism: Govis House is a supported living service, consisting of 2 two-bedroom flats and 1 one-bedroom flat. The service has been designed to offer support and accommodation

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Specialism: Fox House is a new supported living service designed to offer support and accommodation for adults with learning disabilities, autistic spectrum conditions, behaviours considered

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The service is able to support individuals from the age of 17 as part of a transitional model of support we promote at Regard. In each