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This year, our Kingston office wanted to get involved in the annual summer charity fundraiser by hosting an event themselves.

Across Regard, throughout August, services have been getting involved in ‘Regard’s Afternoon Tea Week’ events to raise money for Shelter and Shelter Cymru.

The Marketing department and Guy Page, Head of Strategic Relationships took charge of this year’s event.

The weather was glorious, so the team utilised this and hosted the party in the courtyard outside of their office, inviting other companies from nearby offices to join them.

Diana Walles, Marketing Officer said “It was great to chat to some of the people from the companies nearby, as this isn’t something we have an opportunity to do every day. The guests were so inspired by the tea party that they also generously donated too.”

There was a wide selection of different types of tea, or coffee for everyone to help themselves to.

There were scones, jam and cream and people enjoyed debating the correct order in which the jam and cream should go on. As this was an afternoon tea party, there were plenty of strawberries to go around and lots of delicious cakes.

The courtyard was decorated with bunting and balloons and the team enjoyed wearing Shelter sashes and t-shirts. There was also music playing in the background of the party. Regard’s CEO Carole Edmond, Chief Finance Officer Nicky Hopkins and Commercial Director Karl Farragher all attended the event.

The tea party raised an incredible £200 for Shelter.

Kitty O’Shea, Corporate Partner at Shelter said “Shelter are incredibly grateful to have the support of The Regard Group this year. Your fundraising truly does help make an amazing difference to families struggling with bad housing and homelessness.”

Ahead of this event, the Finance department used their initiative and sold ice lollies throughout the warm weather, as well as having a tuck shop set up in their department and some members of the team did some baking including home made sausage rolls and spring rolls. Their efforts raised a brilliant £138.

Everyone in the Kingston office is very happy with how this all went, with a fantastic total of £338.

‘Regard’s Afternoon Tea Party Week 2018’ has been a huge success so far.