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John, who attends our Cerrig Camu OWL (Outcomes with Learning) service in Gwynedd, has recently been trying his hand at improving his knowledge and skills around cooking.

In his first session, John completed a theory-based test about how to bake a simple sponge cake. The test covered a variety of different areas including health and safety, infection control, ingredients and most importantly the method of how it is made. John completed the test paper with minimal support, he read the questions and thought carefully about his answers, and then wrote them down himself.

Once the test was complete, John spend his second session baking a chocolate sponge cake. He used all of the skills he had previously learned and did everything totally independently. John was given support to use the electric oven, but knew exactly how long the cake needed to go in for, and at what temperature.

Once the cake was baked, John allowed it to cool down and then completed the all-important finishing touches. He put jam and cream in between the two sponge layers and added icing sugar on top for decoration.

While John was baking the cake, his test sheet was being marked. He got his results back and he received an A* for his efforts across both the theoretical and practical sides.

Darren Andrews, Activity Co-ordinator said “Well done John on the excellent results, and the cake tasted delicious too!”

John Davies said “The exam was very hard but I enjoyed it. My favourite part was the writing, I did a lot of the paper by myself with a little bit of help on some words.”

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