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Paul, who moved into our Acquired Brain Injury service Livingstone Road in 2007, has always enjoyed sharing his art with others.

Paul uses art to participate and take an active role in the community. He networks through painting portraits of the local shop managers within the community. Local charity shops including ‘The Cat’s Protection’ have some of his paintings displayed on their walls.

It is known throughout the service that Paul loves his art and finds this very therapeutic.

Paul has also put on a number of art exhibitions to raise money for Headway Brain Injury charity.

Paul has spoken about his art in his own words, he said “I like to draw any man or a lady who would like me to draw them. I have done drawings of the people here (at Livingstone Road) and I feel happy doing my drawings, I love doing flowers.

I like to use the really expensive paints and I love going to new places to do drawings - Rochester, Canterbury, Sheerness. I use my scrap for painting and I use all sorts of funny colours, it can be hard work but people go loopy for them!

I have sold lots of paintings for the people who have been hurt (Headway charity) and I would like to do this again!

For an old guy, you wouldn’t think someone would like to buy them, when they do I feel ‘ticketty boo’, or ‘hunky dory’!

I enjoy selling them, I have done this twice, and one time at Livingstone Road I sold a few paintings to the people here for the Epilepsy Action society charity.”

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Specialism: Supported Living Service in Gillingham, Kent supporting adults with a traumatic or non-traumatic Acquired Brain Injury and varying degrees of cognitive, physical, behavioural and