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The people at Oak Lodge, our residential service in Polegate, have recently adopted a rescue dog from Battersea Cats & Dogs Home.

They had been being visited weekly by a PAT dog called Dita and her owner, police officer Helen. But Dita became too poorly to visit. Both staff and the people supported at Oak Lodge loved the visits from Dita very much.

Oak Lodge had a house holiday to a barn in Devon and one of the dogs on site virtually moved in, the people we support absolutely loved having him around, he would sit with his head in their laps, or on the sofa next to them.

When they returned, support worker Geraldine told Sami, who is the manager at Oak Lodge how much everyone had loved having a dog around and how much a dog made somewhere feel like a home. Sami completely agreed, so she spoke to the locality manager Caroline Robins and everyone agreed that, if everything was in place and all staff agreed that Geraldine, Sami and the rest of the team could look for a dog.

They registered at Battersea Cats & Dogs Home, Raystede, Blue Cross and Last Chance Rescue, finding lots of dogs but they kept being told the dogs were not suitable.

Finally, the service were offered a dog from Battersea called Gypsy. Once everything was arranged to see her, they were told she had started to bite and was therefore no longer available. However, Suzie, who works at Battersea said she had a little dog in mind who would be perfect.

The little dog was called Teddy and had gone to Battersea with his friend Boo, who had passed away. Teddy was not coping well on his own in the kennels and had been fostered by one of the staff at Battersea. Sami and Geraldine went to meet Teddy and fell in love with him instantly. The kennels were happy for him to be brought home and that’s exactly what they did.

Teddy is now settling in to Oak Lodge very well. He does the medication round with staff in the morning and at night and loves when anyone throws him a tennis ball. Everyone loves him and Geraldine said that he is “the perfect new addition to the Oak Lodge family”.

Oak Lodge


Oak Lodge is a six bedded purpose built bungalow, residential home for adults with physical and learning disabilities and is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days