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Richard from Arden House enjoyed a fun day out when he went to watch Brighton and Hove football team play at the Amex stadium in Brighton.

He was accompanied by the team at Arden House who ensured his day trip was a great success. Luckily the weather was beautiful which made the match all the better to watch outdoors.

Richard is a season ticket holder and an avid Brighton and Hove fan. He enjoys going to the football as often as possible, and loves getting involved in the buzzing, vibrant atmosphere along with other Brighton & Hove fans.

The mascot for Brighton and Hove is a Seagull, and Richard insisted on having his photo taken with it!

Richard’s usual saying at matches is “Of course they will win!” He never has a doubt they won’t. He is a true fan, and will continue to follow Brighton and Hove’s games and attend their matches when possible.

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