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Newton House, our residential service in Newbury threw a Rock ‘n’ Roll Party last month to raise money for Regard’s charity of choice MIND.

The party included everyone dressing up and even a special guest appearance from ‘Elvis’. Service manger Tracey said: “If you closed your eyes, tried hard not to think about Tom Jones and imagined what Elvis would have sounded like if he came from Dorrrrrrset - then he was a knockout!”

Chloe, who lives at Newton House, coordinated all of the arrangements with support from staff. She produced a folder where everyone could choose an outfit if they wanted to dress up. Chloe also made suggestions about the food and opted for an American Diner menu. Chloe said: “The hot dogs were my favourite”.

Friends and family attended and joined in the dancing. David’s sister-in-law, Margi, enjoyed being serenaded by ‘Elvis’ and Lucy’s mum Fiona jived non-stop. Chloe managed to get Harry, her boyfriend, up dancing too. It was a great night that was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who attended.

Newton House


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