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Staff at Arden House have helped make Ryan’s dream come true by helping him move into independent living accommodation.

As soon as Ryan expressed how much he wanted to move into his own flat, a meeting was held with Brighton & Hove Authority to discuss having a review with Ryan and his family, and to look at how the Arden House staff could support them through the process. In particular, they considered methods to help Ryan to manage his finances safely.

The team at Arden House discussed ways in which Ryan’s move could be approached, and found a programme called Money Advice Plus, which would work on behalf of Ryan to manage his finances, and ensure that he was able to live in his own place. Ryan thought that this was a fantastic idea, and his favourite sentence for a while was “It’s happening, it’s happening”.

Following this, a multidisciplinary team meeting was held, which outlined all that was required for Ryan to live independently. Ryan led this meeting, telling everyone what he needed.

Chris, Ryan’s Care Manager says “Once the financial arrangements were completed, we continued to support Ryan to live independently. We also introduced him to his own pocket diary to help him monitor his own seizures, so he could write about the days when he would have one, and share this information with his neurologist.

During Ryan’s last week, he become very excited about leaving to move into his own place, but he also knew he would miss the team, as he had achieved a lot whilst living at Arden House. One of his biggest achievements was passing his exams to go to university to study computer science.”

Chris adds “ I am incredibly proud to see Ryan move on to an independent space, and to be so successful with achieving his hopes and dreams. I hope he continues to do so in his new home. Ryan asked us if he could still visit from time to time, and to this day continues to come over and see us all at Arden!“

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