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Services across The Regard Group recently celebrated Purple Day, in support of Epilepsy Action. Here are reports from some our Services on what they did to raise awareness:

Caeronnen (Wales and West)

A Purple Party was held at Caeronnen to raise money for Epilepsy, involving a range of fun activities.

The team said: “This issue is very close to our hearts, as we support a lady who has Epilepsy. Everyone had fun trying to guess how many sweets there were in the jar, and also to guess the name of the big giant slipper!

“We raised a total of £37!”

Douglas House (South and South West)

The team at Douglas house raised awareness for Epilepsy by being creative with food. They said:

“We made food with a Purple theme - such as cheese and beetroot and ham sandwiches, and provided everyone with black grapes, strawberries and beetroot.

“We also made purple smoothies, and asked people to guess how many berries were in the smoothie. They had to put a donation into the box and the person closest to the correct number got a prize.

“We made Purple cakes for a donation as well, which the lads at Douglas were supported to make. We raised a total of £18.10!”

Fairway (Wales and West)

The people we support at Fairway enjoyed an Easter-Epilepsy Awareness Party, along with a few others from Canal View. The team said: “This involved having purple party food, and a special guest appearance by the “one eyed, one horned, flying purple people eater” – a little purple creature painted by some of the people we support.

“Lots of fun and games were had by everyone, including a delicious buffet that everyone helped to make. Well done Fairway – what a fabulous party!”

Kingston Office

Staff at the Kingston Office enjoyed a range of fun games and activities, including a Purple quiz, Lucky dip, Guess how many sweets in the jar, and a raffle to win various purple prizes including a huge Easter egg.

Donations were made for a slice of delicious home-made cake and many other treats. Everyone wore something purple, and we had lots of purple decorations around the office.

The Kingston Office managed to raise a total of £178.15 towards supporting Epilepsy Action.

Cerrig Cornel (Wales & West)

The team at Cerrig Cornel said: “To celebrate Purple Day we had a take-away night, some fun activities, board games and pool, to raise money for Epilepsy Action. We raised just over £29.00. Lots of fun was had!”

The OWL project and Cerrig Camu

“We enjoyed a purple-themed tea party to raise awareness of Epilepsy. Everyone enjoyed taking part in the fun and games, and overall we managed to raised £56.00 for Epilepsy Action! Well done to all involved!”



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