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The ladies who live at Seymour House have enjoyed creating a ‘Dignity tree’ art piece in their hallway, which shows how important it is for people with learning disabilities to be treated with respect, and dignity - and how they would like their lives to look.

The ladies were supported with writing ten ‘Points of Dignity in Care’ – which are outlined in text, and added onto the branches of the tree. Some of these points include:

• “Support people with the same respect you would want for yourself, or a member of your family”

• “Respect people’s right to privacy”

• “Listen and support people to express their needs and wants”

Tina Stannard, service manager said “The tree is the first thing that is seen when you enter the building, and is there to remind the ladies who live at Seymour, their families, and the staff team - that these are the ways in which support should be delivered. The ladies chose a ‘silver’ tree as they felt this reflects them. One of them said ‘We like a bit of bling!’”.

Karen, one of the ladies who lives at Seymour, said “ I like the tree very much and think it’s pretty. I think that it’s useful for people who live here, and the staff - so that everyone is respected. I wish we could have more of it.”

The staff and ladies who live at Seymour House also take great pride in their well-tended gardens, with the ladies enjoy looking after it regularly, with staff support.

Tina said “The gardens at Seymour provided a welcoming space throughout the summer months. The ladies at Seymour were very keen to be supported to create a colourful space - from purchasing plants, ornaments, a gazebo, lights and an inflatable pool. In the height of the summer the gardens were full of colour and the ladies were supported to tend to the gardens. During the summer months the ladies spent all their time in the garden relaxing and having afternoon tea. The ladies are keen to progress the garden further, and we hope to build on this success next summer.”

Tina has also sought ways to get the ladies involved in other activities in and out of the service.

Tina said “The ladies at Seymour are gradually beginning to try new things, or revisit experiences from their past. One lady went on the bus for the first time in four years and was so proud of herself, whilst other ladies have gone swimming which was an unchartered area for us. One lady has also gone to the hair dressers for the first time in years. “

“The ladies are growing in confidence and are beginning to be open to new ideas, which can only lead to them having more fulfilled lives. All these activities have given the individuals a fantastic sense of achievement, and is building their self-esteem significantly.”

Linda Ribband, Locality Manager concluded, “Tina and her team are very self-effacing - they do not blow their own trumpets, but I feel that they should be recognized for the on-going improvements and developments they are making, not just at a service level, but also to the lives of the ladies who live at Seymour House.”

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