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Chris Brooke, who lives at Sheringham House, our residential service in Gravesend, recently celebrated his 40th Birthday. The service threw him a birthday party which was organised by his Key Worker, Sarah Macdonald, and other team members at Sheringham House.

Friends from Chris’ local day centre attended the party. This included Caroline and husband Michael who were singers for the evening. Caroline runs the day centre and knows Chris very well. Caroline got everyone in the house involved with musical instruments and karaoke.

The party was thrown as a surprise for Chris who, amazingly, did not realise that anything was going on, this was quite an achievement as he characteristically asks a lot of questions about who is on shift, who is going where and what the plans are for the day.

The day was a team effort as Chris was supported to go out for the afternoon to a local shopping centre to allow everyone to make the arrangements at home for him. Balloons and banners were put up inside the house and on the gate.

Deputy Manager, Julie Barham said: ‘Chris returned to the house once family members had arrived. As we drove up to the house Chris was looking at the balloons but did not comment on them until staff said “Chris can you see the balloons? They are for you, we are having a party”. Chris was very excited to get out of the car and said “Wow balloons!”’.

As Chris and Julie entered the house they were greeted by Caroline, Michael, staff, family and friends all singing ‘Happy Birthday.’ Chris was a little overwhelmed and it took him a while to realise his family were there.

The party was a great success, Chris danced all night and was reluctant to let go of the microphone, singing along to all of his favourite 60’s tunes. His parents, Tony and Jo were happy to see his reaction and thanked everyone involved for everything that they did.

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