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At Cloverdale House, our residential service in Hove, Service Manager Trevor Wilcox and the team have been going above and beyond to make someone they support feel comfortable.

Grace, who lives at Cloverdale has always had support from her parents Trevor and Yvonne when attending appointments. She suffers from severe anxiety and has previously refused admission to hospital due to this.

Over the past year, Grace’s parents have slowly started to stand back and have tried to allow Grace to attend her appointments accompanied by staff from Cloverdale rather than them.

For seven months now, Grace has been attending all of her appointments supported by the Cloverdale team and even said “Mum won’t take me, staff will take me, my mum can stay home now we don’t need her”.

This transition has been made possible by not only the hard work of the Cloverdale team, but by Grace’s keyworker, Ivana and Service Manager Trevor. Whilst Grace still has anxieties, she has developed a huge trust in the team.

During her latest hospital admission, Trevor and Ivana teamed up to make Grace’s experience less stressful. They made a game out of travelling to the hospital where she was to go on a chauffeur-driven car ride where Trevor was the chauffeur! He dressed up with a hat, suit and tie and he opened the car door for Grace and offered her a hand out of the car like she was a famous celebrity. The whole experience went smoother than ever thanks to the hard work of the Cloverdale Team and support of her parents.

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