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Paul and Jarrad (two individuals who we support at Talworth Street), enjoyed a recent trip to the Royal Mint, with the support from staff.

Vicky, (Senior Support Worker) commented ‘both Paul and Jarrad thoroughly enjoyed the day. It was something Paul had wanted to do for a while so it was great that we could support him in something we knew he would enjoy. We got to see how the coins were made, a walk through the factory and we were even shown a sneak peak of the new £1 coin that is due to be circulated next year. It’s very fancy I must say! (I don’t think we were supposed to see the new coin and the factory worker who had shown us got into a bit of trouble-woops).

‘We had a tour through the gallery and got to play with lots of interactive items that told us the history of the coins and how they were previously made. Paul and Jarrad particularly liked seeing the Olympic medals on display and got to hold a replica of the medals to see how heavy they were. We ended the trip with a delicious lunch before setting off to come back home to plan our next trip out.’

Jarrad stated, ‘I enjoyed the tour and especially liked seeing £160,000 in £2 coins all in one place. I had the chance to see the new £1 coin which was pretty cool too. I am looking forward to more trips out.’

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