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This month, Peter, Terry and Stephen, who are supported by Llwyngwian Fawr, our residential service in Gwynedd went on their annual holiday.

Karen Hills, the Service Manager at Llwyngwian Fawr, said: “It was lovely to listen to all the stories on their return. They were encouraged throughout by staff Tara and Shane to be independent by choosing activities and places to shop and eat. It was nice to hear Peter say ‘Thank goodness I went’ as he was having reservations a few days before. They all had an enjoyable holiday.”

Peter, Terry and Stephen decided to have a caravan holiday in Prestatyn this time. They planned various activities amongst themselves.

They went to Ireland for a day trip and enjoyed a trip on a ferry, even if it was a bit choppy! While in Ireland, they visited the Guinness factory in Dublin. They had a tour showing them how Guinness is made and got to practise pouring a pint.

Peter, Terry and Stephen all received certificates for their efforts as bar-men. Stephen and Terry said that this was the highlight of their holiday.

At the caravan park, they enjoyed watching the entertainment in the evenings with a nice pint of beer. The group went bowling, ate out in a restaurant and went shopping. Peter said that his favourite part of the whole trip was the shopping.

Stephen and Terry also enjoyed going in the arcades and having a great time spending their money on all of the fun games. Peter was happy to chill out on his own in the caravan and enjoyed having time to relax.

They are all excited for their next holiday, and have enjoyed telling everyone about their time away.

Llwyngwian Fawr


Llwyngwian is a detached small holding situated among six acres of hillside, which is a short drive but within walking distance from the quaint village