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When Donna first arrived at Park Road, she had spent a significant amount of time in hospital due to her mental health needs.

Park Road staff worked intensively with Donna, visiting her in hospital as often as possible, to keep her company. They played games together, and enjoy lots of chats, so they all could get to know each other better, before Donna moved and settled into Park Road properly.

Since moving into Park Road, Donna says “I used to feel a little lost in life, but it’s better now. I still have problems but I’m learning to trust the staff, and I’ve learnt how to do daily living skills which I love, including arts and crafts.”

Donna has put her creativity to good use. In the Park Road garden, there was once a dull space - just a plan brick wall. Donna and the other people who live at Park Road decided to make something positive and cheerful out of this space, as they spent a lot of time there.

Staff supported Donna to email her landlord and ask permission to paint something on the wall.

Donna’s requested was accepted, and she got to work as soon as she could – painting beautiful, colourful artwork over the bricks.

When asked why Donna painted a rainbow, she replied, “Because at the end of every rainbow, there is a pot of gold - and that’s what the Park Road staff have been to me.”

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