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Lee from Park House has recently moved into his own flat in the community.

Lee previously lived at our Park House supported living service in Weymouth, having moved their straight from school.

Five years ago, when he first moved in, Lee did not like to go out on his own and hardly spoke to anyone, he also didn’t have basic skills such as the ability to cook for himself.

During his time at Park House, thanks to the guidance from Service Manager Steve Harvey and the staff team, Lee was given support, and was slowly encouraged to develop in a variety of different ways.

Lee, is now unrecognisable in comparison to the man he was five years ago. He is now chatty, and will hold a conversation with anyone that he meets - and he can now also cook simple meals for himself.

A short while after moving in, Lee had progressed so much, that he got to a stage where he could go out alone on his bicycle for the whole day, and would use his mobile phone to keep staff updated of his movements.

Many steps were being taken in the right direction, towards ultimate independence for Lee. So much so, that Lee brought this up himself in his review, and said he felt it was time he looked for his own flat.

The Park House Team helped Lee to find a flat. He has now settled in and is receiving a small amount of support from the service each day.

Everyone from the service is so proud of Lee, they have seen an incredible change in him over the last five years. Paul Card, Domiciliary Care Manager for Dorset said “It is success stories like this that define the purpose of what this service aims to do. Lee has done extremely well.”

Reflecting on his progress, Lee said “When I came to Park house I was scared of a lot of things and Park House staff helped me to get out on my own. I like my new flat and I am happy to still have Park House staff support me.”

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