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Since arriving at Meadow View, Will’s life has turned around. Previously, he struggled to interact with the general public due to having few social skills, and found communicating with others challenging.

The team at Meadow View have helped Will to regulate his behavior, which is much improved, through excellent and consistent role-modelling. He now feels more stable, calm, and much happier.

Karla, Will’s sister says: “We can’t believe the difference in William - since moving to Regard, and with the support he receives, he’s a lot calmer in public areas, and copes with situations differently to how he used to. We’re so proud of his achievement!”

The team also support Will with practicalities, for example showing him how to take control of his bank account, how to budget, and even how to open a savings account – and he is now saving for a family holiday to Disneyland Florida.

One of the biggest successes for Will is that the team have helped him access several work placements - and now he has found one he really enjoys. With each placement, Will was supported to write a thank you card and resignation when he departed. He now works regularly between the British Heart Foundation, and parcel delivery service with his sister.

Karla adds: “Working two days a week means that not only has Will taken a big step by working with other people, he’s also dealing with the public face-to-face. He’s being professional in every aspect.“

Will says: “Last year I decided I’d like a change of direction, and with the support of Lorna, a Regard manager, I found an opportunity that interested me at the British Heart Foundation shop. I was introduced to the volunteers, I shadowed on the till and then I served a few customers, and also learned how to operate the steamer. I learned all of this in my first day and really enjoyed myself. Some my other duties involve sorting out the books, filing and recently arranging a delivery at a customer’s house.

“Something I really enjoyed and which has increased my confidence, was helping to train two new volunteers on how to operate the shop till and steamer. I can now do most jobs in the shop and use my initiative when something needs doing. I was really proud the day I was asked to go to the bank to get change for the till - this made me feel like I had earned my managers trust.

“I feel I’m doing something valuable for the community, and am slowly being asked to take more responsibility. I’m sure the experience I’ve gained will help me gain employment in the future, but for now I hope my placement lasts for a long time.”

Will now has a busy social life, enjoys interacting with others, and regularly participates in group activities with his friends from Meadow View.

The Meadow view team said “Will – we are really proud of your success!”

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