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Last week, the staff who work at Victoria and Grenville, our residential service in Plymouth decided to wear their pyjamas to work and raise money for Children in Need.

Children in Need is a national charity in the UK, which was launched in 1980 to raise money for young people who are in need.

Donna West, Service Manager said: “All of the people supported by the service were asked if they wanted to join in and wear their PJ’s for the day, they declined as they had community based activities that day. Staff supporting them on their activities in the community still wore their PJ’s though.”

Kay and John, who are supported at the service also got involved by baking cakes as can be seen in the photographs - this was Kay’s idea to raise more money for the cause.

Everyone had a great laugh and enjoyed being in their pyjamas.

The fund-raising day raised over £14 for Children in Need, which Donna and the rest of her team were thrilled with.

Donna also added: “Everyone had a great day, staff were all a little bit more cheerful than usual and one of the individuals we support who rarely communicates or interacts with staff thought the sight of the staff was very funny.”

Victoria and Grenville


Specialism: This service is specifically dedicated to providing support to adults who are vulnerable and have a learning disability, Mental Health Issues, Challenging Behaviour and