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An individual we support at our Woodbridge House residential care service in Gillingham was recently able to fulfil one of his wishes by taking a trip to his local cinema.

David*, who suffers from multiple disabilities (severe learning disabilities, epilepsy, and arthritis), finds it difficult to control his behaviours when staying in one place for long periods of time.

Lisa, the service manager, said: “Recently, David had been excessively asking to go to the cinema so I wanted to fulfil his wishes and supported him on the trip.

“On the way there David was very calm and kept repeating ‘pictures pictures’. I gave him plenty of reassurance that the journey would not take too long and we will be arriving shortly.

“When we arrived David gasped with excitement to see the inside of the cinema complex. We went to the counter and purchased tickets for ‘Beauty and the Beast’ along with some chocolate treats. On entering the screen where the film would be shown, David did not display his usual behaviours. He was very quiet and kept repeating on his own ‘sit nice, good boy’. He was instantly captivated by the moving images on screen and so was able to control his behaviours throughout the entire film and did not once shout or name call at all.

“We are so proud of David and are now keeping an eye out for new films that David may enjoy seeing.”

*This name has been changed.

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