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Our specialist Acquired Brain Injury Service Wren Park, have started their own unique awards ceremony.

Frances Chaisty, Assistant Neuro-Psychologist for the service devised the idea in August last year.

The awards are presented every other month and the prizes are chosen and paid for by Neuro-Psychologists from the service.

There are four different categories, which allows everyone to get involved if they wish to.

In order to nominate for the awards, four sealed letter boxes are placed around the service marking the different categories, and people can post their nominations anonymously.

The four different categories are:

Category 1 – Recognition from the people we support, which is decided by the individuals who live at Wren Park - they choose who they think has gone the extra mile for them.

Category 2 - Community Engagement (supporting/encouraging individuals to access the community) which is decided by senior management.

Category 3 – Commitment (paperwork/attendance/punctuality use of initiative) which is decided by the senior staff.

Category 4 – Employee of the month, which is decided by all staff.

The awards and prizes are presented to the recipients by the people who live at Wren Park.

Kathrine, who lives at Wren park said “Staff are brilliant and supportive and I love giving out the staff awards!”

Carmen Cartmell, Service Manager, has been taking part in this ever since she joined the service. She said “I was lucky when I came to Wren Park as this had previously been started by the psychology team, but had stopped for a while, and they were more than happy to support me in starting this up again. Psychology pay for the little present that is given along with the award. It seems to motivate staff and they get very competitive!”

Carmen recently shared some photographs with the rest of Regard as part of Merry May, and other services have now said they are going to ‘borrow’ the idea too.

Acquired Brain Injury Service - Wren Park


Specialism: Adults with a traumatic or non-traumatic ABI and varying degrees of cognitive, physical, behavioural and emotional difficulties.Details of Vacancy: Ground floor en-suite room