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We have a number of services located throughout the country which are set up to support younger adults moving towards independent living. Our staff teams support people to learn skills which would support their development towards more independent living at a speed which makes sense to the person, and takes into account their views on where they would like to live, who they would like to live with and their goals and aspirations for the future.

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Our goals are to support and mentor young adults to gain confidence in all aspects of their road map to independent living by:

• Promoting choice and decision making in a way that keeps people happy and safe

• Involve and prepare young people in creating a person centred approach which supports them to gain skills required for adulthood through our independent living skills program

• Promotion of healthy living and lifestyle choices using clear communication which makes sense to the individual

• Providing a continuous service with continuity of support working alongside educational, health and social care professionals

• Actively promoting educational and employment opportunities through our outcomes with learning centres (if located close to service) or through trained staff teams and partnership working

Our transitional services support young people to gain independent living skills and to prepare for adulthood by working alongside a dedicated and committed staff team with a vibrant and can do work philosophy, working in a person centred approach to make sure we achieve a life that makes sense to the young person

Our independent living skills program includes:

• Assessment of current skill base and goals to achieve to become more independent

• A skill based support plan that supports development and learning, rather than just “supporting”

• A structured plan which is tailored to the individual goals and aspirations

• Consistent review and revision of the goals and outcomes matched to the progress of the individual, adjusting the programme to meet the individual needs

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