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Frequently Asked Questions: Appointeeship and Supported Living

What are an appointee’s responsibilities?

• Claim all the benefits you are entitled to.

• Write to the Department for Work and Pensions if anything changes that they need to know about.

• Tell you about what benefit money you are getting.

• Help you pay social care bills

• Pay your benefit money to you in the way you want.

Do I need to pay a solicitor to become appointee for my son/daughter?

Not for someone to become appointee. An application is made to DWP who will then make an administrative decision. We can sometimes help to provide further information when reviewing any decision.

I am the appointee for my son/daughter. If they don’t have mental capacity can I sign their tenancy for a Supported Living service?

If they don’t have capacity, a ‘best interest’ meeting needs to take place and, if agreed, then the minutes of the meeting are sent to the landlord, who will accept the tenancy unsigned. Then an application will have to be made through Court of Protection to apply to be ‘Deputy’ for the tenancy. Once this is granted the tenancy will be signed by the ‘Deputy’.

Will my son/daughter be better/worse off financially in Supported Living compared to residential services?

Additional premiums are paid on benefits for those who qualify and who live in Supported Accommodation. However the funding authority still has a right to assess for a contribution. In Supported Accommodation they will receive more in benefits but, they will need to fund things like utility bills; food and provisions; budget for travelling. In residential services these are included in the service provision. They will be no worse off in supported living and many find they have more choice and freedom.

How will my son/daughter pay for their placement in a Supported Living/Residential service?

The Local Authority will fund a placement based on their eligibility criteria. As mentioned above, the Funding Authority may undertake a financial assessment to see if they can afford to make a contribution towards funding the care. Supported living also has a rent element, which is usually covered by Housing Benefit.

Are you able to help with my son’s/daughter’s benefits? How?

Yes is the simple answer. More can be found at